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24kV Solid Insulated Switchgear/RMU

24kV solid insulated switchgear is suitable for middle voltage power distribution system of 24kV and whose current is under 630A. It is more reliable than the SF6 ring main unit, and is more suitable for a wider range of applications in both of GB standard and IEC standard.

SOJO SVI solid insulated switchgear.pdf

Product Features

Safety   All live parts are sealed or embedded in the epoxy resin and silicon rubber, fully insulated and wholly enclosed structure, safety protection level: IP67.
 Enhanced phase separation design, independent phase insulation to avoid the fault between phases.  Switch working position of each phase could be observed independently, which improves operation safety.
Multi-environmental application  Applicable to low temperature areas, high altitude areas, high humidity areas, high corrosion areas, low-lying areas and explosion forbidden places.
Flexibility  Standard modular design to facilitate circuit extension, modification and replacement.   Feasible to any replacement in both circumstances of any unit in fault and according user needs.  Smaller dimention makes it more convinient to be moved, transported or replaced.
Environment-friendly  Epoxy resin is employed instead of SF6.
Rated Voltage 24kV 
Rated Current 630A 
Rated Short-time Withstand Current 20kA, 4S 
Rated Peak Withstand Current 50kA
1min Power Frequency Withstand Voltage 65/50kV 
Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage  65/50kV 
Mechanical Endurance 10000 times 
Protection Level IP67